Prevent Your Pipes or HVAC System From Freezing!

As cold weather approaches in {states_primary}, it’s vital that you protect your building’s fire suppression system so it not only does its job should there be a fire, but that it doesn’t do more damage by freezing up, bursting, and creating massive water damage. {agency_name_long} wants you and your building to be protected from preventable losses – so keep these helpful tips in mind when you when you set up for fall clean up:

Before the cold weather comes, {states_primary}

  • Identify personnel assignments for monitoring and procedures
    Make sure you have delegated an employee to monitor for cold temperatures, specifically below 40 degrees Farenheit, and assign appropriate procedures as needed.
  • List, inspect, maintain
    Walk around and inspect your sprinkler or water system and set up a process for dealing with pipes that contain water that should be drained before cold weather hits, those that contain anti-freeze solutions, or are in an unheated area. {agency_name_short} encourages you to train your employees on the proper inspection of your system. If you need help with an inspection of your fire suppression or HVAC water system, contact {agency_name_long}. We can help you conduct a professional loss prevention assessment.
  • It’s not all about the pipes
    Sprinkler systems, domestic hot water systems, HVAC or process equipment freeze-ups can occur quickly and the damage can be extensive and costly to your business. But it takes more than just inspecting the pipes. You need to inspect the causes of heat loss in your building that could cause the system to freeze. Be sure you fix broken windows and doors, caulk and insulate as needed, and close unneeded dampers, louvers, vents and openings.

To get training from professionals on how to avoid this type of loss {regional_designations:cond} {states_primary} you can contact {agency_name_short} at {general_phone} or {email} and ask for loss prevention training and tools{/cond}.

  • Always check on your building
    {states_primary} property owners need to make sure that even–perhaps especially–unattended buildings have monitoring in place. Whether you use remote devices to transmit information to you about the building temperature or you hire a security or maintenance service or persons to conduct rounds, it is imperative your unattended building has someone watching and making adjustments to heating or systems as temperatures change.

For more advice and complete help in protecting your business and your employees, contact {agency_name_short} at {general_phone} or {email} today!

{agency_name_short} can make sure your building coverage is up-to-date before the cold weather comes.

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