Lowering the Cost of Homeowners Insurance in {states_primary}

Who doesn’t want to save money on homeowners insurance? For homeowners and renters in {cities_all} – and elsewhere – you have options when it comes to lowering your home insurance costs.

{regional_designations:cond} {regional_designations} – {/cond}How You Can Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Cost

  • Combine policies to increase savings. Insuring both your auto and home with a single company often qualifies you for discounts on BOTH policies. Ask an agent at {agency_name_long} to learn more.
  • Higher deductible = lower premiums. Deductibles can range from $500 to $7,500. By increasing your deductible and raising the amount you pay out-of-pocket for losses, you can save more on your homeowner’s policy premium. Ask {agency_name_short} to explain the trade-offs.
  • Think Safety and Save. In {states_all}, installing safety features to your home can qualify you for discounts. Have you recently added a security system, burglar alarm, or fire alarm to your home? All of those items can reduce insurance costs.
  • Good credit? Good! Keep your score healthy, and you could save money on your insurance. Understand your credit score, learn about building a strong credit history, and discover how to keep your credit reports accurate.
  • Where you live. Rates vary based on where you live{regional_designations:cond}, whether it’s {regional_designations_or}, or somewhere else in {states_all}{/cond}. Sometimes cost may change from one neighborhood to another{neighborhoods:cond}, such as {neighborhoods}{/cond} and even between ZIP codes. Insurance companies research the claim rate in many cities and your premium will reflect that. Live in a high claims area? Expect to pay more.

Save Time Too!

Many insurance companies now let you manage your account online. Not only will managing your payments online save you time and hassle, but your payment will be made automatically. Paying online makes managing your insurance worry free{lakes:cond} – and lets you spend more time relaxing out on {lakes}{/cond}!

For more advice and complete help in protecting the things that matter most to you, contact {agency_name_short} at {general_phone} or {email} today!

Content provided by: Safeco Insurance

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