Hiring a Subcontractor in {cities_primary}?

As many commercial building owners and contractors across {states_primary} begin remodeling or construction projects, they realize the value in subbing out some of the work to skilled and technical professionals. But there are risks involved in hiring subcontractors. We at {agency_name_long} do not want you or your business to be held responsible for accidents that are out of your control. We can help you by teaching you about Insurance Requirement Agreements.

Insurance Requirement Agreements:

  • Always have a signed, written construction contract
    Just like your customers have a contract with you, you should make sure your business is protected in writing, too. Depending on the nature of the work the subcontractor is performing, you may wish to include additional insurance coverage requirements or limits over what is listed in their Certificate of Insurance. {agency_name_short} can make sure your coverage is up-to-date and provide general knowledge and an example of an agreement you could use before you hire a subcontractor.
  • It’s their responsibility, too {states_primary}
    Trust your subcontracts but verify they have insurance, too. {agency_name_short} encourages you to have a written contract with your subs but at the very least, you should obtain a copy of their Certificate of Insurance. You can learn more and get schooled on how to read a certificate of insurance when you contact {agency_name_long}.
  • Property owners in {cities_primary} need awareness, too
    When you hire a general contractor, tradesman, artisan, or others in {states_primary}, to build or renovate your property, you potentially expose yourself to lawsuits claiming severe bodily injury or property damage resulting from unsafe work acts. To prevent this exposure, talk to {agency_name_long} to learn about how an Insurance Requirement Agreement can help you protect you from this type of risk. (See also, Construction Contracts and Insurance Requirements Agreement.)

For more advice and complete help in protecting your business and your employees, contact {agency_name_short} at {general_phone} or {email} today!

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