Lowering the Cost of Classic Car Insurance in {cities_primary}, {states_primary}

How much you pay for insurance depends on many factors. Following the suggestions below may help you lower the cost of your classic car or collector vehicle insurance at {agency_name_long} in {states_all}.

  • Before you buy
    If you’re thinking of buying a classic car or antique automobile, check with {agency_name_long} to inquire what it will cost to insure. Usually expensive vehicles cost more to repair, maintain and insure.
  • Insure with one company
    The more policies you have with one insurance company, whether it’s for your cars or home, the more substantial savings you may receive. Call us at {quoting_phone} to find out what you might save.
  • Increase your deductible
    Raising the amount you pay out-of-pocket for losses can help you save more on your policy.
  • Safety saves
    A clean driving record can potentially lower your insurance rates.
  • Manage your account online
    Not only will managing your payments online save you time and hassle, but your payment will be made automatically. Think: worry free. Find out what online account services are available to you by contacting {agency_name_short} at {email}.

    • Have your monthly premium deducted from your checking account (paperless).
    • Or pay your entire premium in full by check or credit card.

Check with {agency_name_long} to find out more about your classic car insurance options.

And ask us at {agency_name_long} about additional coverage options for vehicles (auto, RV and classic car) on your auto policy – including rental, roadside assistance, new vehicle replacement and more. Have greater protection and peace of mind knowing that {agency_name_short} better prepares you for the unexpected.

To find out more, contact {agency_name_long} at {general_phone} or {email}. {agency_name_short} will help you with your specific classic car insurance needs in {states_all}.

{agency_name_short}: {tagline}. Call for a quote today at {quoting_phone}.

Content provided by: Safeco Insurance

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