Estimating Your Boat’s Value in {states_primary}{states_secondary:cond}, {states_secondary}{/cond}

Buying, selling or insuring a boat in {cities_all_or}? First you’ll need to know how much your boat and/or motor is worth. Here are a few popular pricing guides as references.

Also, you can check out the prices on boats similar to yours using these sites:

Boat Valuation and Insurance Coverage Tips {states_primary}, {states_secondary} Residents

Any permanently attached equipment is included in the boat’s value, so make sure your insurance coverage amount takes that into account. Contact {agency_name_long} for a quote: {quoting_phone}. Examples of permanently attached equipment include:

  • Ship-to-shore radios
  • Depth finders
  • Loran and GPS systems
  • Fish finders
  • Radar and sonar systems
  • Electric trolling motors

For more information on boat insurance coverage or for a quote, please contact {agency_name_long} at {general_phone} or {email}.

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