Register Your Boat Before You Hit the Water in {states_primary}

Although they are often skippered by teens and young adults, boats are not toys. Both the craft and its operator must comply with all Federal and state requirements, no matter whether you live in {states_all_or} or elsewhere.

If you’re heading out on the water, {lakes:cond}whether it’s {lakes_or} or{/cond}{rivers:cond} {rivers_or}, or elsewhere,{/cond} be prepared.

Federal regulations require that most watercraft be registered and have an identification number. A validation sticker and registration number must be displayed on the craft. The U.S. Coast Guard enforces the federal laws, rules and operating procedures.

State regulations vary, but may require the operator to be of a minimum age (usually 14 to 16 years old), complete a safe boating course and/or obtain an operator’s certificate. {states_all} and local jurisdictions may also regulate speed limits, hours and areas of operation. Click on a state below for more details.

State Boating Registration websites

Alabama Hawaii Michigan North Carolina Utah
Alaska Idaho Minnesota North Dakota Vermont
Arizona Illinois Mississippi Ohio Virginia
Arkansas Indiana Missouri Oklahoma Washington
California Iowa Montana Oregon West Virginia
Colorado Kansas Nebraska Pennsylvania Wisconsin
Connecticut Kentucky Nevada Rhode Island Wyoming
Delaware Louisiana New Hampshire South Carolina
District of Columbia Maine New Jersey South Dakota
Florida Maryland New Mexico Tennessee
Georgia Massachusetts New York Texas

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